Multiple Group Winner,
Best in Specialty Show,
ABC Showdog Hall of Fame,
National Specialty BOS (in TWO countries),
National Specialty AOM,
BOS at Westminster and now... Grand Veteran!

Westminster Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club

February 11, 2003... BOS at WKC. Judge: Mr. Lester Mapes

In 2000 Rigby was #5 bloodhound. In 2001 she was #6 bloodhound and also #1 bloodhound bitch in breed points. In 2002... with VERY limited showing, in "Dog News" she ranked #7 bloodhound overall and #1 bitch. We are VERY proud of her.

Here are some of Rigby's "win shots". Starting as a puppy.

May 1, 1999... the American Bloodhound Club's Eastern Specialty... under breeder/judge Mrs. Lynne Aguirre.. I won Best in Puppy Sweeps && Best of Opposite sex to the Grand Sweeps winner. My mommy was SOO proud.

September 4, 1999. I was BOS to Best Jr in Sweepstakes at the American Bloodhound Club's National Specialty in Olympia, WA. Under breeder/judge Ms. Anne Legge. I had to get on a BIG plane to get there.

September 5, 1999. RWB at the American Bloodhound Club's National Specialty in Olympia, WA. Under breeder/judge Mrs. Jackie Sinkinson.

November 13, 1999.. In Salisbury, MD, it was a supported entry.. meaning there was a bunch of bloodhounds there and they had sweepstakes for boys & girls under 2 years old. So.. I was Grand Sweeps Winner!! The judge was Mr. Diz Cozart.

April 15, 2000 in Harrisburg, PA. The American Bloodhound Club's Eastern Regional Specialty. My mom's knee is still hurting (since a trailing accident on New Year's Day (let's not discuss that, teehee)) so my Aunt Lisa took me in the ring. I was Grand Sweeps Winner!! The judge was Mr. Phil Park. I was in the middle of my false pregnancy and had milk, but I showed my heart out for Lisa and we won!

New Canadian Champ

New Canadian Champion

May 2000... I finished my Canadian Championship

Rigby -n- Terri, BOS, April 16, 2000

Rigby -n- Terri

April 16, 2000, Harrisburg, PA. Under judge Mrs. Elaine Rigden. I was BOS. This is me and my "Aunt Terri".. her real name is S. Terri Giannetti, PHA. She is a professional handler and (even with my false pregnancy) she makes me look so beautiful.

Group 4

Group 4, June 4, 2000

June 4, 2000 in Wrentham, Ma. I was awarded BOB & Group 4 by judge Mr. Dana Cline.

Best of Breed

Potomac Hound Club

June 30, 2000 In Callaway, MD. The 1st annual Potomac Hound Club... I was awarded Best of Breed by judge Dr. Robert Smith.

Lehigh Valley KC, the group Judge was Mrs. Patricia Mowbray. Remember.. she gave me my first points as a puppy... She gave me a Group 3 placement here. It was a BIG placement worth 195 group points and. Also got 9 breed points... the breed judge was Mr. Richard Reynolds.

BOS National Specialty

ABC 2000 National Specialty

On September 23, 2000 in Carlisle, PA. I was awarded Best of Opposite Sex by long time breeder-jugde Mrs. Lilian Ickeringill from England.

November 4, 2000. Back Mountain KC. Best of Breed and GROUP 2. Judge: Mr. Harold Pybus.

Supported Entry Best of Breed

Salisbury MD KC

November 11, 2000 in Salisbury, MD. It was an ABC Supported entry with an entry of over 40 bloodhounds. Mrs. Lee Canalizo gave me Best of Breed. I also won Best of Breed the next day under judge Ms. Dorothy MacDonald for another 35 breed points.

Group 1st

Wallkill KC

January 27, 2001. Judge Dr. Asa Mays. A group win! How exciting.

Group 2 with Terri

Annapolis KC

February 17, 2001. With my "Aunt" Terri. We kicked butt and took names... so to speak. Picked up 17 breed points and 180 group points for this group 2!

another group 1

Rockland County KC

March 9, 2001. Dr. Mays still liked me. :o) Another group win!

group 2 with lyons

Twin Brooks KC

March 25, 2001. Judge was Mr. John J. Lyons. This time I was with my mommy and he gave me another Group 2. The day before (March 24, 2001) at New Brunswick KC, Ms. Carol Reisman gave me a Group 2 placement, also.

Chambersburg KC

April 13, 2001 in Harrisburg, PA. The day before the Eastern Regional Specialty. Dr. Richard Hilderman (left) gave me Best of Breed for 37 breed points and then Mrs. Judy Doniere (picture on right) gave me a Group 4 for 180 group points. I am now 1 placement away from the American Bloodhound Club's Show Dog Hall of Fame.

Windhand County KC

May 13, 2001. Happy Mother's Day! Mrs. Polly Smith gave me a Group 4th placement and I now qualify for the American Bloodhound Club's Showdog Hall of Fame!

Hilderman group 4

Wachusett KC

August 17, 2001. Dr. Richard Hilderman gave me a Group 4.

National Specialty 2nd Award of Merit

ABC 2001 National Specialty

On September 21, 2001 in Lake Murray, OK, Judge Mr. Robert Forsyth gave me an Award of Merit. It was SO HOT there. Once again, I flew in a BIG plane to get there.

Sunday, october 7th, 2001. Rock Creek KC. Breed judge was breeder-judge Mrs. Anne Legge. She is a long time bloodhound breeder. The group judge was Mrs. Corky Gauger. She gave me a very nice placement worth 196 group points.

Saturday, October 20, 2001. Ms. Carol Reisman gave me a Group 2. This was the 2nd time she gave me a placement.

group 3 hilderman

Lumberton Kennel Club

After taking a few months maternity leave, I came back to show and Dr. Richard Hilderman gave me a Group 3 on June 16, 2002. This was the 2nd placement he has given me. My mom was very happy to see Dr. Hilderman still liked me.

group 3 reisman

Twin Brooks KC

July 14, 2002. Group judge was Ms. Carol Reisman. Another group 3 placement.

Saturday, September 28, 2002. My people and me (along with Max & Mia) drove to Charlotte, NC for the American Bloodhound Club's Southeastern Specialty. The Judge was Ms. Anne Legge. She's been breeding bloodhounds a long time. I was awarded "Specialty Best of Breed" and then went on to a Group ONE under judge Mr. James White. This was very exciting.

Friday, October 25, 2002. Breed judge was Michael Canalizo. Group judge was Mr. J. Council Parker. I was awarded Best of Breed then went on to a big Group 3. It was a big "hound weekend" because the hound show was the day before this show. I was only entered Thursday & Friday so after this win, we drove home.

November 9, 2002. The ABC Supported Entry in Salisbury, MD. I was in a false pregnancy (again) and had milk (again), but I showed my heart out and was awarded Best of Opposite Sex over some other very nice girls.

Goldstein group 2

Sand & Sea KC

March 30, 2003. Judge: Mrs. Joan Goldstein. Very nice placement!

National Specialty BOSS

Canadian National Specialty

August 24, 2003. Judge: Dr. Michael Woods. Canadian National Specialty Best of Opposite!

Best Brace in Specialty 2003

Best Brace in Specialty

Together with her daughter - Best Brace in Specialty

canadian best veteran national

Canadian National Specialty 2005

August 28, 2005. Judge: Mr. James Reynolds. Canadian National Specialty Best Veteran!

Best Brace in Specialty

Best Brace in Specialty

Together with her daughter - Best Brace in Specialty (AGAIN!)

Best Veteran in Show

Grand Veteran in Sweepstakes

Central NJ Hound Show... Judge: Ms. Elizabeth Muthard

Best Veteran in Sweepstakes

ABC Supported Entry

November 12, 2005. Judge: Ms. Jan Rothwell. ABC Supported Entry - Best Veteran Bitch in Sweepstakes!

Veteran Group 3

Veteran Group 3

November 12, 2005. Judge: Karen Wilson. Veteran Group 3!

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