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MarLee Hounds

1st Litter - 3/5/02

Consists of one beautiful 22 oz. liver girl puppy.


aka "Mia"

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Looking to the past...      

to build the future.   

Ch. Sandlapper's I Got Even - "Blazer"


American & Canadian
Ch. Soonipi Eleanor Rigby BeCoz - "Rigby"

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Rigby is a multiple group winner and was inducted into the ABC Showdog Hall of Fame in 2001.


OFA Good
Ch. The Rectory's Limbo
Ch. Sandlapper's OK of Smokerise

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OFA Good, Cardiac Clear,
Penn Hip .25/.25
Ch. Roamingwood Angus B. Be-Coz
Am/Can Ch. Heather's Nimrods True Abbey, CD, MT

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One Day to One Week Old

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Baby Mia & her Mama Rigby

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Blazer - Dad

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Rigby - Mom

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"Got Milk?"

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"We're Havin A Baby" Midi

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