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BD - May 8, 1998

Hi! I am Rigby... American & Canadian Champion Soonipi Eleanor Rigby BeCoz, the multiple group winning, spoiled rotten bloodhound. Also known as "Ms. Hound America".

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I live in NY.  I am my mommy's heart.  Below, you will see a few pictures of me growing up. I was born on May 8, 1998. Anyway.. enjoy my page and let me know what you think!

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Rigby Stopping to Smell the Flowers - May 2001

I wanna play, too!
"I Wanna Play With You Guys"

PLEASE... play with me... I wanna play, too. How come the boys won't play with me? This is my brother Max, the basset... and Ringo (my bloodhound brother). They wouldn't play with me.  I was just a baby here. About 12 weeks old.

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Rigby Smells the Chair

I'm just smelling the chair. I wouldn't EVEN dream of chewing it...Honest.

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"Caught Ya!!!"

This is so moist & tasty. A little nibble will do!

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"I Went Swimming"

Here I was 14 weeks old.. I weighed 40 lbs and already I LOVE to swim!
I was all wet from taking a dip!

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Rigby at 4 Months Old

Here I am at 4 months old and I weighed 55lbs. My mommy called me a little piglet.. what ever that is! I'm gonna tell my daddy!

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Rigby Posing

This picture was taken by a professional photographer. She uses it and the others she took in calendars and on greeting cards. If you are ever at a show, look for greeting cards called "Darling's Dogs" and you will see me.

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"LET GO!!! I saw it first.. NO! I saw it first.. No! It's my stick, I saw it first!"

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"This is me looking gorgeous"

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Me & My Basset! March 2000

This is me and my favorite toy! It is my brother Max the basset. I don't know what I would do without him. He plays with me and keeps me out of trouble.  I love him.

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Rigby Making Waves

This is me on Thanksgiving day 1999. I LOVE the beach and I LOVE my tennis ball.

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"Does this hotel have valet parking?"

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"Which Way Did They Go?"

I'm driving in my car... "Pardon me.. would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" Teehee! Is this what they meant by reach & drive?

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"Merry Christmas!!"

My first Christmas. December 1998.  Me and my brothers & sister.  I was a good girl and got alot of toys from Santa!

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