Mia's name

I was born March 5, 2002

Hi! I am Mia...

I'm the only puppy out of my mom BISS Am. & Can.
Ch. Soonipi Eleanor Rigby BeCoz - Rigby's first litter.

My dad is Ch. Sandlapper's I Got Even - "Blazer"


Mia day 1
This is me with my "littermate" Sunny when I was just 1 day old.


Easter Basket 2 weeks
In this picture I was in an "Easter Basket".
I was a little porker! I was 2 weeks old.


4 weeks, mushy face
As you can see... I was a VERY mushy puppy!
Here I was about 4 weeks old.


on porch, 5 weeks
I was a bit wrinkly! I was 5 1/2 weeks old in this picture.


rigby kisses
I am almost grown now, but my mom still gives me kisses! YUK!!!!


mia in pool
I LOVE to swim. Here I was at "The Cowboy's" house.
He shared his pool with me.


mia on table
I have no manners! So after I took a dip in the pool,
I stood on the table and asked for a hotdog.


see my ball?
I am 19 months old now. I LOVE the beach and I LOVE my tennis ball.
Can you find my tennis ball? The wind blew my lips up!


slimey ball
The beach can be a bit messy! :o) Will you throw my slimey ball for me??

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"Mama Mia" Midi

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