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BD - February 28, 1997
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Born To Be Wild

Hi! I am Max. My "official" name is MarLee Maximum Overdrive.

 Too sexy!

I live on Long Island (NY) with my mommy & daddy & my 4 legged brothers and sisters.
My mommy is my favorite, but I have to be nice to daddy when mommy
isn't home cause he takes me to the beach and feeds me and everything.
He's a good daddy, but there's just something about a mommy
that us boys love. As you can tell by my picture above.... I'm too sexy for this hat!


As you can see... I was a very cute puppy. I was born February 28, 1997.

Stop and smell the flowers!

NEVER miss an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers.

oops! I wasn't chewing!

I used to chew things and get into trouble. I got caught this time. Oops!

Looking all innocent!

This is me looking all cute and innocent.

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just precious!

This is the look that gets me anything I want. Teehee!

August of 2000

Another look that gets me things. My mommy & daddy just melt when I look at them like this.

Max being serious!

This is my "serious" face. And I am SERIOUS when I say

"Please leave your pawprint in my guestbook"! Arooooooooooo!

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This is my bloodhound sister, Rigby (Am/Can Ch. Soonipi Eleanor Rigby BeCoz)....

I know....She's obsessed with that damn tennis ball.......

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