Hi there! My name is Bill. I came to live with my mommy from the good people at "Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue". Mommy picked me up in NJ on Christmas Eve 2003 and we sat in traffic.. well.. she sat, I slept. Anyway.. she sang to me the whole way home "will you marry me bill...". What a nut! I am very glad to be here.

Bill on beach!
This is me on my very first Christmas... and my very first trip to the beach!

Bill and mom
Mommy holding me on the beach.

Bill and Mia playing Bill and Mia playing
Bill and Mia sleeping
Boy... I just LOVE my sister Mia!

Bill in the bed!
Bill snoozing!
A basset sure could get used to this! Life is good.

Bill, March 25, 2004

Bill... best kisser!
On May 1, 2004, I went to the Hound Howlabaloo and entered the kissing contest. Here I am with my blue ribbon for BEST KISSER! I WON!!

Bill Thanksgiving Day 2005
Boy, haven't I grown. But I am as handsome as ever! This is me, Thanksgiving Day, 2005.

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